It all started with...

...A break down. I found my mat in a period of change eight years ago. Yoga allowed me to process, digest and work with my external and internal blocks. Meditation in movement invited me to deepen my practice and truly understand myself. I was surrounded by great teachers who created a warm space of safety and trust for me to develop. I started to practice Asana and Pranayama at an early age and got inspired by the Swedish nature, and the constant weather changes. It mirrors us as humans and the changes we frequently go through in life; that was my go-to motivation - the curiosity of exploring the constant changes within. 

I'm born and raised in the rainiest city of Sweden, with sunny and warm Baltic roots. I spent my winters in the snow and summers by the sea. Travelling between countries like that throughout my life made me understand that all places are temporary places. I learned that the beauty of life is that we can move in any direction at any time. 

Many moons later I found myself in London and settled in north Hackney. I started to work in an industry that quickly made me forget about time, values and encouraged me to focus solely on achievement as my measure of success. I was blinded by the hype that came with money and people pleasing. So once again... I crashed! 



"It comes crashing down and
only then is the space created for change needed. "

I decided to change e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I moved out from my flat and quit my job -  not knowing where I was heading or what to do. I left for Croatia for a couple of weeks to switch of from the city, reconsider my values and what I actually wanted to focus on. I decided to commit to sharing my yoga practice and focus on creating spaces for others to deepen theirs. Today I am a full time Yoga Teacher based in London, teaching Vinyasa, Yin Yoga.



...And practicing movement with integrity and playfulness, welcoming all sensations and emotions with open arms. Good vibes will be created and shared through strong and creative Asana. My passion is to create a space for people to slowly dissolve and unite!

If you want to explore your full potential - get in touch!