This post didn't really turn out as I imagined when I started to write. I wrote this long, stripped down page about attitude, my attitude and my past, along with all my thoughts about it. BUT, it got a bit too much for me, a bit too emotional, and I still have some processing to do. So I deleted it. The whole point was to share the quote below. So that's what I'm gonna do. Maybe I'll share the deleted notes in the future.

For now. I want to send my wishes to all the people I've met this year. To all the new friends I made, to all the friends that stayed around and for the friends that faded away. For all my teachers and fellow practitioners. For the lovers and all the inspiring people that's been vibrating positively. For you who challenged me, and for you who broke me. I am so so grateful for every single one of you. For everything you've taught me. And I feel so blessed by the fact that I have had the privilege to meet you. 

Let's wrap up 2017 with love and compassion. Whatever happened, good or bad, let's look back with gratitude for everything, knowing that you've learned something from every event. Feel the ground beneath you, the breath within you and the moon above you. 

I've read a lot this year. A lot of inspiring authors has made me think. I've thought about, and written down my New Years intentions and goals. BUT THIS, this is the one quote that will bring me back to my centre in 2018. 


Those words will guide me back and remind me that I am in charge. Everyday we have a choice and it's about making that choice. 

Continue to inspire and aspire. Let's be ambitious, not thirsty. Give gratitude for your past, present and future. AND REMEMBER; 'When god closes a door, she opens a window.'


Happy new year &


Endless loVe

X X X, Dijana