Manifesting life

We've seen the word everywhere, it's almost trendy now. "Manifesting at Full Moon", "Im ill, so I'm manifesting", "how do I manifest my way to a better life" etc etc. Okey so manifesting is such an interesting subject. Whenever I chat about it, it's either with someone that think it's full of shit, or someone that's all about it and loves to discuss it. The last couple of days I have been thinking about it a lot and wanted to share my personal thoughts and experience with it, take what you want from this, but try to get out of your head and into your body. Don't overthink, just feel what the heart and guts tells you when you're reading this. 

So what is manifesting? It's actually pretty hard to describe. It's basically taking a thought or a desire, letting it leave the mind and bringing it to the universe and the world. It could be through positive thinking and actions, through saying what you want out loud, sharing your disire with friends, performing rituals etc etc. Basically, Manifesting, is getting it out from your head and bringing it into the physical world. That, I would say, is a short and sweet description of Manifestation. 

A lot of you will be like, "yea whatever but how will that actually happen? What's the scientific truth?" I say, get the fuck out of your head and into you body. I do not not how how it works, it just does, #unknownsource. 

So I wanted to share a bit of my experience about how I got some things in my life through manifestation. What's really important for me to say is that I didn't even know that I was "Manifesting" when I practiced this. So if you've followed me for a while or know a bit of my story. You'll know that I left Sweden and moved to London. I then started to work and quickly got a job in Branding, Marketing & Events (without education or experience). I worked with cool projects in East and central London, big budgets and fun people. At the same time as I lived in my favourite area London Fields with my best friends in a beautify house. I just kind of had everything I wanted. At the time, I unfortunately saw more negatives that positives (the grass was always greener...) The job was too crazy, I didn't like living by the park in the summer (as it turned into a mini Coachella as soon as the sun came out). Now when I don't work in Branding anymore and I don't live there I can see how blessed I was with the fact that my dream came true, as eight years ago that would be my dream. It's always very healthy to imagine you meeting yourself maybe 2-3 years back in time and just letting yourself know how far you've come. It always gives a good perspective on things. So if you've never done that, I invite you to take a break and have a think about everything you've accomplishes and show some love and gratitude towards that and yourself.

Anyway this week, as I mentioned, I have thought a lot about manifesting. And I just thought about the fact that I kind of got everything I want right now. And I was manifesting without even knowing. I've always been a pretty visual person. I like to get nice notebooks and pens, write stuff in my journal to GET SHIT OUT OF MY HEAD. Like literarily, I would write just to get it out, because keeping it in my head only, would stress me. So, I started to make loads of lists. Where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, what kind of people I wanted to meet etc etc. So the other day I was spring cleaning my room. Threw out shit loads of shit, went though old boxes with stuff and got rid of heaps of unnecessary things, just like getting rid of old baggage (very emotionally reliving). I found this old notebook from 6-7 years ago, I had a look in it and saw aaall these lists. Lists with places, where I wanted to live, languages I wanted to be surrounded by, stuff I wanted to try. Guys, sooo much of what I wrote down years ago, has happened. And I can't even remember writing it. I was manifested without knowing! 


Another way to manifest could be so easy as using the social channels that todays life is offering. I have my Pinterest where I save saved beautiful photos of stuff that I like (and kind of want) everything between clothes to quotes to photos of house and interior. I've always said out loud how I want to live and I've been collecting photos of how I want my surroundings to be like. This could be another way of manifesting because you are getting it out of your head and are telling the universe what you want. And what's funny is that I look at these old photos and lists. Then I'll have a look around where I live today, in a beautiful converted warehouse, with the most amazing people,  full of plants and light - basically everything I've wanted. You need to put in the work of manifestation to get it. Talk about it to your friends and don't be shy having conversations about what you want in life. Say it out loud when you're out for a walk, write it down - just get it out of your head! 

Another thing that has come to me through manifestation is my job. I've always wanted to serve others and bring something good into this world. As I kid I wanted to be a florist or a marine biologist, working with nature. But then in my teens when I started to practice yoga, I fell deeply in love and I knew that I one day wanted to teach. And here we go, I would say it out load. I would tell my mom, my teachers, my friends, my siblings. I would imagine it and write it down. I would print photos and put them up on my wall. And so it continued for so many year. I kept telling my family, friends and lovers. I just really, really wanted it. For me somehow, it was only a question of time. Sooo, my life was a bit of a shit show last year, the universe tested how much I could handle. So I went through it all and decided that this must be the time. This is the perfect time. So I went all in, with my heart, body and soul and today I'm teaching full time. Of course it was loads and load of physical and emotional hard work in it as well. But I was manifesting what I wanted through getting it out of my head, saying it out load and kept my thoughts about it positive. 


So without knowing, this week I realised that I have manifested so much in my life. But it's always been in career, self-confidence and material things - which are all a great things and a big part of our life. What I haven't manifested is desires about partners and love. Okey, so I have met many amazing people that has inspired me and shaped who I am today. However, I haven't met someone that has fucking blown my mind and I've never been in love. Again that doesn't mean that I haven't made beautiful love or had amazing journeys with partners. So this week when I've really diggd into my past in manifesting, I realised that I have never said out loud the qualities I am looking for in a partner. So I went out walking in the woods for a couple of hours, no one around me and I was literarily saying everything out load, everything Im looking for in a parter. Some of you may be like "this chick if fucking crazy, what is she talking about". And that's okey! Take what you want from this, because I really don't care if you're not into it. So not only is doing something like that manifesting, but it's a really good exercise for one self to actually pin point what you are looking for. It doesn't mean that the person you end up with will be like what you manifested in smallest detail. But again just getting it out of your head and into the world! So if you are struggling with knowing what you're even looking for, this could be a great thing to do. Because you know what, you have to fucking think. Like properly: What do I want and what actually matters. And you'll realise that half the shit you thought you needed in your life and a partner actually might not be that important. 

Soooooo now to the fun part! How can YOU manifest? And are you already manifesting? Well the first step would be to decide what your biggest desire is right now. To do that find the time to really think. Go out for a walk without your phone, take a bath, something where you can switch of and feel. The desire can can maybe be to move house, to end a relationship, to enter a relationship, to be content within your body, to get that pay rise etc etc. Whatever it is, pick one thing! I want you to then get your journal and write about it. Write it as if it is happening already. I also encourage you to close your eyes and imagine what it feels like being there. Focus all your energy on it and imagine what it would feel like. So say that you are manifesting to leave your current job. What does it feel like when you've left it? Close your eyes and put yourself there. You might feel a bit lighter, a bit more free, maybe even grounded. You feel happy and relived. Then come back to the current moment and put all that in words. Say it out load or write it down, get it our of your head!


What could be beautiful to do is to do this once a month. First or last day, around the moon cycle, any time that would make sense for you where you can have "a new start". This also encourages routine to be set. 

So! That's my thoughts around the subject and I do encourage you to try it out. Some of you might think "who is this crazy chick, what is she talking about" That's okey. I just want you to get out of your head, stop fucking overthinking and get into your body. Listen to it, to the heart, the gut, the throat. And remember, when you're in a place where you just don't know what to do. Get out of your head and into your body. Because the body often has the answers. And we have the responsibility to listen to or bodies and the freedom to act from there. Look after your physical, mental and spiritual body. Incorporate manifestation in your life. 

Aaaaaaall the love